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Wound Care - Neglect

Any injury should be treated in a professional and medically appropriate manner, but mismanagement of any care plan or a failure to treat any wound may result in serious pain and suffering for a patient. It could even cause them to experience further medical complications as a result of this neglect. Not all injuries may present externally, so it is important that any medical assessment is both thorough and comprehensive in order to ensure proper treatment.

Actions which may constitute mismanagement of care could be:

  • A failure to diagnose an injury due to a misinterpretation of symptoms or inadequate examination,
  • A failure to treat any wound,
  • A failure to apply an appropriate dressing to any wound, or to apply it incorrectly,
  • A failure to change any dressing in a timely fashion,
  • A failure to properly monitor the progression in status of any wound,
  • A failure to take action in response to any change in condition that may result from the severity of a wound,
  • Medication or documentation errors that may lead to an infection of either the wound or surrounding tissue,
  • A failure to follow any treatment plan, in place to ensure adequate wound care,
  • A failure to properly document all wound care,
  • A failure to schedule an appropriately regular assessment of any wound.

When recovering from any incident that has caused injury and distress, the emotional and physical side-effects of such an event can make it difficult to judge if the treatment you have received is appropriate. Mismanagement of your care, whether by accident or oversight, could worsen your condition or even cause unnecessary medical complications to your health. You may, therefore, be entitled to a compensation claim against the healthcare provider responsible.

Should you or a family member feel that the level of care you have received falls short of that which should have been expected, please contact us and we can discuss the details of your experience and then advise you of your options.

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