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Urology - Medical Negligence claims

Urology – Failures in Treatment

Urology is the speciality that deals with diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract in men and women (urogynecology) and also covers the male reproductive system. There are many excellent doctors and nurses who specialise in urology. They take care of people with kidney stones, bladder infections, cystitis, incontinence and other diseases such as bladder cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

No matter how good and skilful the medical team might be, a mistake can happen. Fortunately, such mistakes are very rare, however it's possible for a kidney stone or a bladder infection to be misdiagnosed, for example; or someone might make a mistake during a surgical operation. Urology treatment complaints are now less frequent and are more often transient, due to a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology, but when they happen, they are often serious. Some of these very rare examples of urology treatment complaints are:

  • Perforation during surgery to the ureter
  • Bladder dysfunction - damage to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, which travel to the bladder and are involved in bladder function
  • Urinary retention
  • Chronic infection resulting in orchidectomy
  • Nerve damage leading to erection problems
  • A routine test result was miss-read, leading to a delay in treatment and a worse outcome than could have been the case
  • Haemorrhage

However rare mistakes of this kind might be, even just one mistake makes a big difference when it happens to you. These kinds of urology treatment complaints are often the result of medical negligence.

What is Medical Negligence?

Legal terms like this can be a little confusing. An easy way to think of medical negligence is to define it as a mistake that causes damage. That mistake would have been made by someone, such as a doctor in a hospital, who both had a duty to care for you and the presumed skill and authority to be giving treatment. If an injury occurred due to a mistake during a urology treatment, perhaps you'd like to talk to us. Our team can assist you with sorting out the details. We can also help you find out if you are eligible for financial compensation.

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