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Medical Errors

When seeking treatment for accident, illness or injury, a patient trusts that they will receive the best healthcare available. Sometimes medical errors occur and the care falls far short of acceptable standards.

Such errors could not only lead to unnecessary pain and suffering, but may also exacerbate or complicate an existing condition, or even cause you additional and otherwise unrelated medical issues.

Such errors could be:

  • A misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose illnesses or injuries,
  • A failure to adequately treat any illness or injury,
  • A failure to adequately consider any potentially related medical issue,
  • Any inappropriate action which may lead to complications in a patient's condition,
  • A failure to appropriately administer medical treatment or to do so in time,
  • A failure to document treatment appropriately or correctly, leading to a misapplication of care,
  • A failure to read and interpret documentation appropriately or correctly,
  • A failure to interpret test results or assessments correctly,
  • A mistake in administering or prescribing drugs or dosage levels,
  • Errors in the use of medical equipment or the application of procedures,
  • A failure to properly monitor and assess a patient's condition.

Accident, illness and injury can all be very unsettling for a patient and their family – particularly if there is any indication that there may have been medical errors during treatment and the patient's condition and required care has become more complicated as a result.

If you have suffered due to medical error or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. It is often difficult to objectively recognise if the quality of medical care was indeed below the professional standards that could reasonably be expected.

Should you or a family member be concerned that a medical error, or a failure in care, may have occurred, please contact us so that we may investigate your concerns and then advise you on possible courses of action.

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