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Gynaecology – Failures in Medical Treatment

Most women are nervous and embarrassed when they have to seek treatment from a gynaecologist. If you have felt vulnerable and anxious when seeing your gynaecologist, you are certainly not alone. It is always easy to reassure yourself that the specialist knows what they are doing and will look after your best interests. Sometimes mistakes happen, though, and they can have devastating consequences on a woman’s life and that of her family. If you feel that you have had unnecessary or erroneous treatment, you might want to consult a solicitor who is an expert in medical negligence claims. Negligence encompasses both mistakes and neglect. Some examples of known gynaecologist errors are:

  • Failure to follow up on abnormal cell changes seen on cervical smear tests
  • Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis - failure to carry out a full investigation of a condition leading to exacerbation of symptoms and deterioration of the condition, or even to spread of cancer to other organs
  • Unnecessary surgery such as caesarean or hysterectomy
  • Damage to adjacent organs and nerves during surgery, leading to loss of function, for example of the bowel or the bladder
  • Blood clots, blood loss and infection
  • Retention of instrumentation or swabs during surgery
  • Failure to treat post-operative infections
  • Excessive scarring leading to disfiguration
  • Failure to fully explain the process and implications of treatment options
  • General lack of communication and respect from treating Consultants

How a solicitor can help

We know how lonely it can be when it feels as if no one is listening, especially when the subject is so intimate and personal. We recognise that a gynaecological or obstetric injury is difficult to live with and talk about and we want to make sure you are heard.

We treat our clients with sensitivity and respect; and assure you that our aim is to carefully establish the facts so we can determine if the gynaecologist was negligent in his or her duty of care toward you. It is often reassurance enough to know there are people out there willing to help, and perhaps we can in some way help with getting compensation for any expenses you have incurred due to the injury, and compensated for the psychological trauma and distress you have experienced.

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