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3 Different Hospitals, Multiple Deaths – Were They Avoidable?

Author: Neil Fearn  Bullet  Dated: 06/01/2014

At any hospital, situations can arise where deaths are unavoidable, however these deaths should never be the result of improper care and consideration taken by medical professionals.

Across the UK, we have picked out 3 examples of how lives can be damaged and lost when the medical profession admittedly fails their patients and puts their lives at risk.

Liver Specialist Link to Avoidable Deaths in Wales

In Wales, a liver specialist was fully suspended back in January 2013 after being linked to 8 avoidable deaths of patients on whom he operated. A review performed after he was put on restricted practice in October 2012 showed of 31 patients approximately one third had died, of those, 8 deaths could have been avoided.

The surgeon, who moved from the Leicester area to work in South Wales was originally put on restriction because of concerns about some of the liver patients in his care.

A helpline was set up the health board for those that believe they may have been affected by the surgical care they received in relation to their liver between February 2011 and October 2012.

Midwives Fail 3 Babies and One Mother

The investigation was conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) after concerns from the health board after a routine data check.

Poor supervision by midwives in Cumbria resulted in the tragic death of 3 babies and one mother. The investigation showed that a pregnant mother, who suffered from diabetes, was not cared for properly from the beginning – neither her child's heartbeat or her diabetes were monitored correctly.

Also, a 9 day old baby passed away after suffering from pneumococcal septicaemia, a dangerous type of blood poisoning in October of the same year. Chances to save his young life were missed and the opportunity to investigate his death was not grabbed swiftly enough.

Failings were also found in the case of a stillborn baby who was deprived of oxygen after midwives supervising the birth were not sufficiently trained.

Lack of Post- Op Care Leads to Teenagers Death

News from a recent inquest highlighted a teenager in Kettering Hospital who died due to excessive blood loss after a routine operation to remove her appendix. Opportunities to save her life were lost after nursing staff failed to routinely monitor her and failed to read the surgeon's indecipherable handwriting.

After a successful operation, she was returned to the ward but there was a "poor handover from theatre staff to the recovery nurse and in turn, to the ward staff". She was found unresponsive and pale the following day due to the blood loss.


All 3 hospitals involved have given their deepest apologies to the families involved. However, avoidable mistakes were made and important questions need to be asked about why they were allowed to be made.

Often, people are given the answers they need to gain closure, but sometimes legal action is exactly what's needed to get the answers you deserve.

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