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Is Your Eye Clinic At Breaking Point?

Author: Neil Fearn  Bullet  Dated: 28/11/2013

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has revealed that eye clinic staff are being pressurised under chaotic working conditions. The Save Our Sight (SOS) campaign established that due to services being overstretched, people are going blind because they cannot get the treatment and care they need.

Patients are being urged to know their rights to treatment and to take action on to prevent partial or complete blindness due to negligence.

What Do the Statistics Say?

It has already been reported that 1/5 of the maternity budget is spent on maternity blunders. However, RNIB is warning people that due to the strained condition of eye clinics more hospital trusts could be facing medical negligence claims.

Worrying statistics have shown:

  • 37% of staff admit that patients are losing their sight unnecessarily due to delays
  • 4% believe that patients losing sight for this reason is something that happens often
  • 80% have insufficient capacity at their eye departments to meet demand

Lesley-Anne Alexander CBE, chief executive of RNIB has condemned the statistics are "shameful" stating that "nobody should lose their sight from a treatable condition".

She cites a lack of funding as being one of the problems, saying that hospital managers are passing over the capacity crisis to save money. Over 50% of those who participated in the survey expressed that they had to undertake extra eye clinics just to cope with demand, as there was a shortage in the amount of staff needed to treat patients sufficiently.

Can a Solicitor Help Me?

A delayed diagnosis can lead to devastating consequences. In this example, it is the loss of sight which could have been avoided in some circumstances. If you have experienced delays in your eye clinic and this has led to the loss of your sight, Simpson Millar LLP can help you begin a claim.

Simpson Millar LLP has already been involved in cases where a delay in diagnosing glaucoma has resulted in a substantial compensation payout. We used expert opinions to conclude that it was in fact the delay that caused significant damage to the patients' eyesight.

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