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Patients with a head injury to receive CT scans within an hour

Author: Neil Fearn  Bullet  Dated: 12/09/2013

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has called for patients with head injuries to receive CT scans within an hour of arriving at hospital.

Any patients who are not suffering from the symptoms of a major head trauma, such as vomiting or seizures, will be seen and scanned within 4 to 8 hours of their injury.

Treatment for Brain Injuries

Every 90 seconds, someone is admitted into hospital in the UK with a brain injury.

They are often taken to their nearest hospital for treatment. However, the nearest hospital may not be equipped with the right resuscitation equipment causing delays while they are transferred to another hospital and increased chance of causing lasting damage.

According to the new guidelines, patients will be taken to a hospital that has the right equipment to treat their head injury. In 2012, 22 new centres were set up specifically to deal with patients who have suffered major traumas. These centres are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to deal with the most serious of injuries.

Around 70,000 children under the age of 15 are admitted to hospital with a head injury. The NICE guidelines also stress that any procedures carried out should be appropriate for the patient's age. So, paediatric units with resuscitation equipment suitable for children should be used over regular A&E departments.

Head Injuries in Sensitive Cases

The new guidelines are also expected to address head injuries that may not have been caused by an accident. For example, if a patient has been injured in a domestic abuse incident, a hospital doctor or specialist trained in dealing with sensitive cases should be involved in checking any patient presenting signs of domestic abuse who has suffered a head injury.

When head injuries occur and are not treated properly they can lead to lasting damage such as behavioural changes, physical disabilities and sometimes mental dysfunctions. These could all have an effect how you live your life, your ability to work and enjoy a social life.

If your injuries were caused by the fault of someone else or the hospital because of inadequate treatment, then you can make a claim for compensation.

If you contact a solicitor, they will be able to advise you on whether or not you can bring a claim for medical negligence. By approaching a solicitor and starting a medical negligence claim, you can use the compensation you win to better your quality of life.

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