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GP care in crisis

Author: Neil Fearn  Bullet  Dated: 25/06/2013

A poll of 258 GPs carried out by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) between 5 – June 2013 has found that GP’s are under "overwhelming pressure" and are concerned about the ability to provide safe patient care.

85% of the family doctors questioned believe "general practice is in a state of crisis and that urgent action must be taken to restore the ability of our family doctors to deliver safe patient care for all."

The poll also revealed that more than half of those doctors that took part in the poll "cram" 40-60 patients a day into an "ever increasing workload" with the average working day of at least 11 hours in surgery until 7pm.

These alarming figures show that four in five GPs are more likely to want to quit the profession than they were five years ago with 22% of family doctors having sought support, guidance or advice for work-related stress.

the moment general practice only receives 9% of NHS funding, therefore to address the crisis the RCGP is calling for a 10% increase to current funding for general practice, including 10,000 more GPs – approximately one per practice – by 2022.

Chair of the RCGP, Dr Clare Gerada, said: "General practice is at the heart of the National Health Service, and if it starts to buckle, the whole of the health service starts to buckle and patient care in both primary and secondary care will suffer."

"Unfortunately, the current pressure on GP’s can lead to mistakes. It may be the case that there are delays in treatment or diagnosis as a result of failures in the level of general practitioner care which can cause serious problems ranging from additional periods of pain and suffering to more extensive and invasive treatment or even death in the most severe cases."

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