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"Young man almost dies due to botched keyhole surgery to cure his acid reflux"

After a long legal battle, Mr Peto has won a six figure settlement award against the surgeon who very nearly killed him while performing routine keyhole surgery to cure his acid reflux.

Mr Peto, who at the time was 22 years old, underwent an operation known as laparoscopic anterior fundoplication at Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital under his employers BUPA scheme. He was otherwise a very fit and healthy young man who led an active and fulfilling life.

As the surgeon attempted initial keyhole entry into the abdominal cavity he got the angle of the port wrong and consequently perforated the aorta resulting in an immediate catastrophic event. Frantic efforts were made by the surgeon and his colleague to stem the loss of blood and Mr Peto was rushed by ambulance to the local NHS hospital at QMC in Nottingham for life saving surgery.

Mr Peto survived his ordeal but paid a heavy price for the surgeon’s negligence. Due to loss of oxygen caused by the bleed he lost a large part of his bowel and his lower intestinal area had to be "re-plumbed". This required countless operations, unsightly scarring and the use of a stoma bag. Mr Peto lost his fiancé, his job and his dignity and believes that without the love and devotion of his mother he would never have coped. He is pleased his compensation will enable him to re-build his life and pay for the counselling he needs.

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