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Four month delay in diagnosing glaucoma settled at £10,000

The failure of a hospital to carry out a full assessment of a patient complaining of a visual field defect, meant a 4 month delay in diagnosing a glaucoma which caused progressive damage to our client’s optic nerve.

The correct diagnosis was only made when our client was referred by his GP to a second hospital for another opinion when his symptoms continued to deteriorate.

Our expert evidence suggested that the history taking of the first hospital was substandard and that on the balance of probabilities the intraocular pressure was measured inaccurately and the optic discs assessed incorrectly.

Had a proper diagnosis been made when our client first attended the hospital, the likelihood is that he would have retained a 95% of his visual field. But as a result of the delayed diagnosis, our client was left with only 5% of his visual field which has had a significant impact on his mobility and ability to drive.

Although it is impossible to determine for certain if our client could have met DVLA visual field requirements had he been diagnosed in a timely manner, expert opinion suggests he would have.

For the 4-month delay by the medical professionals concerned, our client received damages of £10,000.

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