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£350,000 compensation awarded to a child who will suffer life-long disability due to a problem during surgery

Our client underwent surgery to reposition an undescended testicle when he was 2 years old. During the procedure surgeons did not take the appropriate steps to prevent serious injury by identifying and protecting the left inferior epigastric artery which they then cut, which led to major vascular complications, which, in turn, caused an ischaemic injury compromising the development of the left leg and significant scaring as a result of the subsequent surgery to repair the damaged artery.

The ischaemic changes to his left leg caused it to grow at a slower rate and our client underwent surgery to remove the growth plate from his right leg to limit the growth of his normal right leg to allow his short left leg to grow to a matching length. This has left him with a significant leg length discrepancy and he requires a 1.7cm shoe raise.

The vascular damage also caused his left foot to be smaller than his right foot and he also suffered damage to nerve and muscles in his left leg causing intermittent pain on walking which limits his activity, after running about 100 yards or walking about ½ mile which will not improve and which may well require future surgery.

Our client was left with a significant disability that impacted on his development, his mobility and his body image.

The hospital admitted liability and a settlement of £350,000 was approved.

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