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Our team of solicitors is spread out throughout England and Wales and is here to help you if you or a member of your family has been the victim of an injury or illness that may have been preventable if you had been given the right medical care.

You can put your trust in our expertise as we are members of The Law Society's Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Panels. We are proud members of one of the leading medical negligence charities, Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and have solicitors within the firm who are part of the prestigious Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Members of our team have medical backgrounds as well as holding legal qualifications so we can offer you the benefit of high levels of expertise in many of the different areas relating to your claim.

Our Commitment to You

  • Free initial legal advice
  • A range of funding arrangements
  • We promise never to use jargon and legalease
  • We will never give you unrealistic expectations on the your case
  • We aim to be clear and concise so that you can make an informed choice with how your claim proceeds
  • To always put your needs first

Working together as a team we know we can achieve the right results for you and your family.

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People We Have Helped

Needless leg amputation leads to £700,000 claim against Dudley Hospitals Trust

A Dudley man has been awarded compensation of £700,000 after a hospital's failure to diagnose 'compartment syndrome', which led to amputation of his right leg above his knee.

In September 2008 the man, who at 58 had a walking disablement, was referred to the Department of Vascular Surgery at Russell's' Hall Hospital, where he was diagnosed with an occlusive disease of his abdominal left iliac artery. Read more>>


4-month delay in diagnosing glaucoma settled at £10,000

The failure of a hospital to carry out a full assessment of a patient complaining of a visual field defect, meant a 4 month delay in diagnosing a glaucoma which caused progressive damage to our client’s optic nerve.

The correct diagnosis was only made when our client was referred by his GP to a second hospital for another opinion when his symptoms continued to deteriorate. Read more>>